Cloud CNC

Cloud CNC

Scalable CNC machine orchestration

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Multi-Machine Support

Manage many, geographically-distributed machines from a single place

Multi-User Support

Allow multiple people to securely access your machines via a flexible role-based access control (RBAC) system

Browser-Based Workflow

Manage files and machines, slice 3D files, and administer other users all from your browser

Intelligent Scheduling System

Produce parts faster and utilize your machines more with an intelligent scheduling system


Cloud CNC was designed using modern security practices (Argon2ID hash, RBAC, 2FA, etc.) in mind

Easy Setup

Get started in under 5 minutes (You only need NodeJS and MongoDB)

Powerful Plugin System

Add pages, API routes, authentication methods, websocket events, and more with the plugin system

100% Free & Open Source

Everything from the browser-based slicer to the custom bundler plugins are free and open source

Highly Available

Cloud CNC natively supports running multiple instances behind a load-balancer - ideal for running in Kubernetes


Cloud CNC is under heavy development and not ready for production use!